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We are the Stroops

We are the Stroops.

But you probably know that by now. I, Taylor, was born with Cystic Fibrosis. For those of you who don't know what that is, don't feel bad. Most people don't and that's the issue we're trying to solve. So for you to be reading this, we are doing our job. So let's keep this up. Anyways, Cystic fibrosis is a chronic lung disease. It affects 30,000 people in the US and 80,000 worlds wide. It affects every organ in the body, and a side effect of the disease is the body creates think mucus that affects all the functions of our body. Our lungs are constantly fighting infections with oral and inhaled antibiotics 2-3 times a day. Our pancreas is filled with mucus so we have to take enzymes to help us digest meals before we eat. The average age of someone with CF was under 18 when I was born but now, thanks to the advancement in treatments and medicines, the average age is 47!

Taylor Stroop

When I was young I kept Cystic Fibrosis to myself due to the fear of being judged, pitied upon, or told I couldn't. I never let CF define what I did and who I was going to be. I lived a great life as a child. I was no different than any other kid other than treatments, medicines, and yearly tune-ups but that was, my normal. I lived my whole life never facing the challenging statistics of this disease. It wasn't until college those statistics caught up to me and brought me into a deep depression. If it wasn't without the love and kindness of my faith, family and friends I don't think I could have recovered.

I then realized the significance of going through our life struggles with one another. I felt inspired to start reaching out to others with CF in hopes of helping them realize they are not alone on this journey. 

At the time I just graduated college and decided to buy a van so I could travel the country instead of getting a real job like all my friends. I ended up in Chattanooga Tennessee where I happened to meet my wonderful wife, Kelsey Sue. We ended up getting married 2 years later and we decided life was too short not to start reaching for our dreams. So we quit our secured full-time jobs and hit the road again to fulfill our dreams of traveling the country. I became an advocate for spreading awareness and connecting with others who had CF. After a long search of trying to find Cystic Fibrosis Apparel that I would actually wear, I came up short. I decided to start an apparel company that made quality apparel with quality designs. I wanted people to ask "What does that mean?" to spread awareness in a unique and personal way. I wanted to empower and inspire others to break the predetermined statistics and medicine has set upon us. That's how Sixty Five Apparel was born. 

 Meet The Stroops

We now live our lives sharing our everyday journey fighting CF while we full-time travel on Meet The Stroops youtube page. We hope to spread awareness, empower, motivate, and inspiring others to live their dreams no matter the circumstance. We hope to help people break the predetermined statistics that doctors, medicine, and society have set upon us by bringing together a community of fighters and dreamers.

Living on the road has taught and pushed us so much. Its brought us closer. Brought us friends and memories. We got to see some of the most beautiful places in the country and we learn new things every day. This is our life worth living. We are the Stroops.